Comments on East Coast "Noesis" #138

Kevin Langdon

"The more we look at Mega Society history, the more the strange coincidences pile up. Chris Cole just happens to throw out a certain metaphysical paradox that I had already resolved, thus sending me an engraved invitation to publish the resolution. Chris Cole then creates a furor over Bayesian Regression, leading to a similar conclusion--the existence of a meta-objective rational component of reality--but by a different route. Two weightlifting professional bouncers appear where there should be none, exhibiting certain trivial prarallels in their back-grounds which turn out to have a certain amount of group significance and both end up editing the journal. And finally, the Society polarizes between two camps, one headed by Chris Langan and the other headed by Chris Cole and Kevin Langdon. While some might find such a string of coincidences unremarkable, the majority of people would probably find it downright baffling." --Chris Langan

If Kevin Cole calls, tell him he's got the wrong number!