Welcome to two new members, Guy Fogleman and Craig B. Gentry.

I have never been what could be called a speedy editor. Noesis hasn't appeared frequently since I took over the editorship. While this is preferable to having no editor at all, it leaves much to be desired.

We've found a solution that should work well. We're going to have two Editors. Ron Hoeflin will edit Noesis #142 and every second issue after that. Readers of Noesis will get better timeliness and some variety in editorial approach.

This is, of course, subject to the will of the membership. Since it takes two issues and a voting period after the second (as the members have a right to have their say on a proposal before it's voted on) for the membership to vote, the officers of Mega have decided to put the new arrangement into effect immediately. This has the advantage of allowing the members to see at least one issue edited by Ron before they're called upon to vote--if there's a vote at all. It seems only fair to have a vote if anybody asks for one, given the present state of uncertainty regarding what the rules are, but it would be easier if nobody did, saving us a lengthy exercise. And Chris Langan is welcome to throw his hat into the ring again as an alternative--if he's willing to take the risk of another unanimous defeat.

Send material for #142 to Ron at P.O. Box 539, New York, NY 10101. As Ron doesn't have a computer, it will be necessary to send him hard copy on clean, white 8-1/2" x 11" paper. (And, as we'd like to put material from Noesis up on a Web site in the near future, you may wish to send electronic files corresponding to your submissions to me for that purpose [HTML or ASCII, please].)


Noesis #138, September 1998

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