The Mega Society Official Ballot

October 2000

Members, please use the enclosed ballot card.

Proposed Editorial Guideline Yes __ No __

Suspension of Post-1994 Mega
and Titan Test Admissions
Yes __  No __
      Bylaws of the Pre-merger Mega Society Yes __ No __
      Hoeflin Rules Yes __ No __
      Cole/Langdon Constitution Draft Yes __ No __

Please sign the envelope containing your completed ballot and mail it to Administrator Jeff Ward, 13155 Wimberly Square #284, San Diego, CA 92128. Ballots must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2000.




Noesis, the journal of the Mega Society, #150, October 2000.

Noesis is the journal of the Mega Society, an organization whose members are selected by means of high-range intelligence tests. Jeff Ward, 13155 Wimberly Square #284, San Diego, CA 92128, is Administrator of the Mega Society. Inquiries regarding membership should be directed to him or e-mailed to <>.

Dues for members of the Mega Society and subscriptions to Noesis for non-members are two U.S. dollars per issue. One free issue for each issue containing your work. Your expiration issue number appears on your mailing label. Remittance and correspondence regarding dues and subscriptions should be sent to the Publisher, not to the Editor.

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