Challenge Problem Number 3

Chris Cole, Dean Inada, Rick Rosner
P O Box 10119
Newport Beach, CA 92658

So far I have received NO (that’s right, none, zero, cipher, naught, nary, nada, zippo, zilch, scratch, nil, aught, void, goose egg, diddly, bupkis, the null set, the highest integer less than one, absolutely NO) solution attempts to any of these problems. Aside from the fact that I’m now actually BEGGING each and every one of you to at least TRY to do these problems, and to send me any comments that you have even if entirely stupid and embarrassing (that I promise I will not repeat to anyone), let me point out that if the actions of the officers is upheld by the membership, then we currently have NO approved means of joining the Society. This does not bode well for its continued existence. And even if these actions are not approved, we still need to start work on some kind of new test for admission. So please take a crack at these problems and send me your ideas. We have added a couple of pairs to the first problem to help make it easier, and the new third problem took Rick Rosner about ten seconds to figure out, so it cannot be all that hard. Come on, don’t assume that anyone else will do it.

1. Latte : Macchiato :: Neutron : Proton :: Mochi : Ohagi :: Pewter : Solder :: Bay : ?

2. Planets : Uranus :: Tastes : ?

3. Vegetable : Tomato :: Finger : ?

Message from the Publisher

Chris Cole

In keeping with the trend set in other entertainment media, this is an interactive issue. It contains three things for you to do:

1. Vote on the constitution of your choice. Estimated time: one minute.

This one applies to members only.

We have gone to the trouble of including a postage-paid ballot card for you to do this with. We need to get some constitution approved. Please take the time to vote.

2. Write a letter to support the “Return Rick Rosner” campaign. Estimated time: ten minutes.

See Rick’s letter for an explanation. Help Rick win a million dollars.

3. Work on the three challenge problems, and think of other examples of similar problems. Estimated time: unknown.

See the article above.