Chris Cole Replies to Ron Hoeflin on Journal Renaming

In the last issue, Ron Hoeflin proposes that we change the name of the Society's journal from "Noesis" to "A Gem." Here are my thoughts, pro and con, about this idea.

On the pro side, I agree with Ron that "Noesis" is not a word that is known to many people. It is at best confusing and at worst pompous. "A Gem" is clever in the same way that our proposed logo is, namely, it plays with the name of the society.

One the con side, it is not clear that "A Gem" is a journal title. Also, it might appear that we're changing the name of the journal to avoid conflict with Chris Langan.

I think that the real conflict is over the name of the Society, not the journal. On balance, I lean toward agreeing with Ron's proposal.