January 17, 2002

Mr. Chris Langan
P. O. Box 894
Eastport, NY 11941

Re: Cease and Desist Demand

Dear Mr. Langan:

This confirms that you have failed to reply to my letter of August 27, 2001, which demanded that you cease and desist from the ongoing acts and practices described in that letter, including infringing uses of the names "Mega Society" or "Noesis" in connection with electronic or print publications or other communications.

The letter requested a response by not later than September 14, 2001, and advised that my office has been authorized to commence litigation to protect the trade names, trademarks and goodwill of the Mega Society and its journal, "Noesis." As mentioned above, you did not respond within the time requested, or at all. I have been advised, in addition, that you have continued to engage in the infringing conduct.

My office is preparing the pleadings and other papers necessary to obtain such orders, decrees and judgments as may be necessary to enjoin your willful infringement of common-law rights and to recover damages, civil penalties and restitution with respect to pre-filing acts and practices. We will file the action February 15, 2002, unless satisfactory assurances are received prior to that time.

You are accordingly advised to obtain legal counsel with respect to this matter, who is invited to contact me to discuss an appropriate resolution.

Very truly yours,

Leighton M. Anderson

cc: Mr. Chris Cole, Publisher