The Mega Society and Mega Society East

Richard May

If only George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had thought that the British were over-taxing and oppressing the American Colonies and most of the other Colonists just said that Jefferson was too extremely contentious and the King provided a pretty good newsletter and not a bad e-mail list and Royal Website either, then there would have been no successful Revolution. It seems that in the High-IQ Colonies, pragmatism exceeds principle, however short sighted this may eventually prove to be. Why waste good tea by dumping it in the harbour?

The Colonists did not actively oppose tyranny everywhere simultaneously (except in theory or principle). They obviously did  not immediately dispatch troops to liberate India, while still fighting on their own soil.

If the name "Mega Society" is not proprietary, based upon prior usage, then perhaps this principle of interpretation should be extented to include the "personal" names of each individual member of the Mega Society him- or herself. Each and every member should have the right to appropriate the "personal" names of each and every other member as his or her own "personal" name(s). This would be more democratic and inclusive, pluralistic and multicultural, and, of course, greatly simplify matters by providing a more general model for the present particular conflict. As one arbitrary, if somewhat unsettling, example, I could be both Kevin Langdon -east and Chris Langan -west. But obviously it is insufficient to confine the designations of the "Mega Societies" to two or even a few compass points in two-dimensional space. At very least a matrix of directional points in eleven (11) dimensional hyperspace should be established to replace the crudely restrictive and polarizing designations "east" and "west". Implementation of these ideas could have the futher advantage of confusing lawyers. But perhaps there are even simpler and more traditional approaches.

But I think that at this point we ought to let sleeping dogs and lawyers lie.