Kevin Langdon

Mega Society elections are overdue. As no one else has submitted a statement of candidacy to run for any of our three offices, the Administrator (Jeff Ward), Internet Officer (Chris Cole), and Editor (Kevin Langdon) are all declared reelected for another year (or what’s left of it).

I’d still like to see a volunteer step forward to edit every other issue—or even to guest edit a single issue, perhaps on a subject of special interest.

This issue contains “Blindly Down a Separate Path: My Steps and Stumbles en Route to Discovering Spin-Stabilized Permanent-Magnetism-Induced Levitation,” by Joseph Chieffo, Chris Harding’s thoughts on the nature of time, Ian Goddard’s “A Logic and Semantics for Imperatives,” and three short pieces by May-Tzu.

The deadline for Noesis #188 is October 15, 2008. Material is needed. Please send us a letter, an article, or an image for publication.

Cover image and image on this page from HallucinationsTM, by Kevin Langdon.


Noesis 187