Dear Rick,

Enclosed is my latest test, the Quest Test. I hope you will take this test. [I doubt I will, though I will pause to be intimidated by it. Part of the reason these issues are tardy, is that I've returned to school for the first time in several years. I was surprised to find that it is as tedious and time-consuming as ever. Plus, my wife likes me to find gainful employment. Plus, having gotten lucky on a Hoeflin test, I run the risk of showing my true ignorance on other tests. All these factors conspire to prevent me from pursuing my true desire, which is pounding through libraries in search of obscure references.  Ed.] Also, I am enclosing some ISPE material in case you are interested.

Dr. Hoeflin informed the TOPS membership that the Mega Society's journal would be available to nonmembers for $10 for 6 monthly issues. I am enclosing $10 for this purpose.

Also, please feel free to publish my test or copy and distribute it at your leisure. I am, obviously, promoting my test any way I can. I would like for all of the Mega Society membership to take my test. Perhaps you could send each member a copy of my test, if you do not publish it in your journal. Perhaps you could send me their names aild addresses and I could send them each one. Anyway, I would appreciate your help in this matter.

Also, for your information, Dr. Christopher Harding normed the Quest Test. His IQ was listed in seven editions of the Guinness Book of World Records for highest IQ (Binet 197).


Daryl Inman