**The World's Hardest Analogies Test**
by Daryl Inman

INTRODUCTION The Quest Test is an untimed, unsupervised analogies test for gifted adults. It first appeared in several high IQ society periodicals as a longer test form and was taken by a sample of the HIQ membership. It was eventually revised and then reduced to its present form after thorough research and analysis were completed. This test is normed and is accepted for admissions purposes by the Top One Percent Society (99th percentile). I hope you find The Quest Test an enjoyable challenge.

ANSWER SHEET. Type or print your answers on a separate answer sheet. Please make sure that your answers are final as revisions will not be accepted. Include your name and address on the top right corner of the first page. If possible, also provide age, sex, and any previous IQ or aptitude test scores.
FEE. There is a $10.00 scoring fee (cash, check, or money order) made payable to Daryl Inman. Payments from non-U.S.A. participants should be made payable in U.S.A. dollars through any bank in the U.S.A.
TIME LIMIT. There is no time limit, but it is suggested that you limit yourself to a completion time of one month.
ASSISTANCE. You may consult any books you want, but you should not seek assistance from other persons and/or computers.
GUESSING. There is no penalty for wrong answers or guesses.
SCORE REPORT. Send your answer sliect(s) and payment with a self-addressed stamped envelope to Daryl Inman, [address] You will receive your raw score, IQ, and percentile performance in relation to the general population. Also, included is a list of several high IQ organizations with addresses. This test is only valid for high IQ admission purposes on the first try, so it is to your advantage to do your best. The answers will, however, not be provided. Please allow six weeks for a score report.

Provide the word that best completes each analogy. For example, in the analogy American: (is to) Astronaut:: (as) Russian: (is to) ? the best answer would be Cosmonaut.

  1. Mother: Maternal:: Stepmother: ?
  2. Club: Axe:: Claviform: ?
  3. Cook Food: Pressure Cooker:: Kill Germs: ?
  4. Water: Air:: Hydraulic: ?
  5. Prediction: Dirac:: Proof: ?
  6. Raised: Sunken:: Cameo: ?
  7. 1: 14:: Pound: ?
  8. Malay: Amok:: Eskimo Women: ?
  9. Sexual Intercourse: A Virgin:: Bearing Children: ?
10. Jaundice, Vomiting, Hemorrhages: Syndrome:: Jaundice: ?
11. Guitar: Cello:: Segovia: ?
12. Bars: Leaves:: Eagle: ?
13. Roll: Aileron:: Yaw: ?
14. 100: Century:: 10,000: ?
15. Surface: Figure:: Mobius: ?
16. Logic: Philosophy:: To Know Without Conscious Reasoning: ?
17. Alive: Parasite:: Dead: ?
18. Sea: Land:: Strait: ?
19. Moses: Fluvial:: Noah: ?
20. Remnant: Whole:: Meteorite: ?
21. Opossum, Kangaroo, Wombat: Marsupial:: Salmon, Sturgeon, Shad: ?
22. Clemens/Twain: Allonym:: Whitehouse/President: ?
23. Sculptor: Judoka:: Fine: ?
24. Dependent: Independent:: Plankton: ?
25. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John: Gospel:: Joshua-Malachi: ?
26. Luminous Flux: Lumen:: Sound Absorption: ?
27. 2: 3:: He: ?
28. Growth: Temperature:: Pituitary Gland: ?
29. Spider: Arachnoidism:: Snake: ?
30. Epigram: Anthology:: Foreign Passages: ?
31. Pathogen: Thermometer:: Lethal Wave: ?
32. Russia: Balalaika:: India: ?
33. Involuntary: Sternutatory:: Voluntary: ?
34. Unusual Hunger: Bulimia:: Hunger for the Unusual: ?
35. Blind: Stag:: Tiresias: ?
36. River: Fluvial:: Rain: ?
37. Country: City:: Tariff: ?
38. $/Dollar: Logogram:: 3,5,14,20/Cent: ?
39. Lung Capacity: Spirometer:: Arterial Pressure: ?
40. Gold: Ductile:: Ceramic: ?
41. 7: 8:: Uranism: ?
42. Judaism: Messiah:: Islam: ?
43. Sight: Amaurosis:: Smell: ?
44. Oceans: Cousteau:: Close Encounters of the Third Kind: ?
45. Diamond/Kimberlite: Perimorph:: Fungus/Oak: ?
46. Compulsion to Pull One's Hair: Trichotillomania:: Imagine Oneself as a Beast: ?
47. Cross: Neutralism:: Hexagram: ?
48. Wing: Tail:: Fuselage: ?
49. Bell: Loud:: Speak: ?
50. Benevolence: Beg:: Philanthropist: ?
51. 10: Decimal:: 20: ?
52. 5-sided Polyhedron: Pentahedron:: Faces of a Parallelepiped Bounded by a Square: ?
53. Motor: Helicopter:: Airflow: ?
54. Man: Ant:: Barter: ?
55. United States: Soviet Union:: Cubism: ?
56. State: Stipend:: Church: ?
57. Motorcycle: Bicycle:: Motordrome: ?
58. Transparent: Porous:: Obsidian: ?
59. pi*r2*h: pi/3*r2*h:: Cylinder: ?

Copyright by Daryl Inman, Revised 1990