Dear Rick:

I am an apparent "near miss" qualifier for hte Noetic (and I guess, the Mega Society, with Titan scores of 41 or 40 (for the "Omni" and Pre-"Omni" versions, respectively).

Although I interpreted the Torus-Mobius Strip problem similarly to Steve Sweeney and obtained the same answer as he did (17), and even though I have a question regarding the apparent incorrectness of one of my verbal responses, I would suggest that you NOT allow "second attempt" scores for membership qualification, even though I might be a prime benficiary of such a policy. That policy would effectively negate the "one in a million" requirement for membership, particularly since norming data are derived from first attempt scores. The availability of several tests (and I agree that Hoeflin tests only should be accepted) should provide adequate opportunity for "near missers", such as myself, to qualify.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Dirk E. Skinner, M.D.