Excerpt from Chris Cole's Editorial in Noesis #134

While the membership voted overwhelmingly that the Mega and Titan tests are appropriate vehicles, they did not vote on the exact raw scores to be used. I'm told that the old Mega Society voted to accept a score of 43 on the Mega Test and 175 on the LAIT. Since a raw score of 43 corresponds to the one-in-a-million level on Ron Hoeflin's latest norming of the Mega Test, this seems appropriate. However, Kevin Langdon has called this norming into question. As I understand it, Ron is using an adjustment factor near the top end of the test to adjust for ``ceiling bumping.'' Kevin questions whether this factor is justified. I think it would make sense to see that issue debated in these pages also, again in preparation for a subsequent vote of the membership. Perhaps a committee of members could be formed to evaluate the raw data and make a recommendation.

We need some criterion for admitting people to the Society. For the time being, I suggest that we continue to use these scores for admission. Perhaps if Kevin becomes convinced that the ``ceiling bumping'' adjustment is legitimate, then 175 on the LAIT will correspond to the one-in-a-million level. Also, since the Titan Test was normed in the same way as the Mega Test. I suggest that we use the one-in-a-million level on its latest norming, which would be a raw score of 43. All of this is temporary, until a vote.