Excerpt from a Letter from Ron Hoeflin on Mega Test Renorming

(from ``East Coast Noesis'' #139)

March 12, 1998

As the graph on the next page indicates [see Noesis #140, page 10. --KL], the Mega Test's norms, from 4 right = 120 IQ to 39 right = 168 IQ, were all calculated (based on comparison with 222 SAT scores reported by Mega Test participants). But above 39 right = 168 IQ the graph had to be extrapolated, and opinions vary on how that should be done. I'm now inclined to keep a straight line above 39 right in any future norming, so that the mega (one-in-a-million) level would shift from the current 43 right back to 46 right.

[Note: The printed copies of Noesis #141 gave the equivalent of 4 right as "10 IQ"; I apologize for this error. Also, my reference to Noesis #140, page 10 (in the bracketed note above) was in error. The correct reference is Noesis #141, page 9.  --KL]