Chris Langan's Reply to Ron Hoeflin

(from ``East Coast Noesis'' #139)

The graph included by Ron with the above letter tapers off after 39 right, so that 48 right corresponds to an IQ of about 194. But it's fairly straight between 8 right and 39 right, and if the straight line were extended above 39, a score of 48 would correspond to an IQ of only about 178 (a 16-point devaluation equal to a full standard deviation relative to current norms). If the Mega Society were restructured according to such a renorming, all but a few current members would be disqualified. Because of this kind of vacillation, Paul Maxim is right when he questions our credibility as a true mega-level group. Nevertheless, members can take comfort from Ron's many previous assurances that no one would be forced to requalify on the basis of such a renorming. Let's just hope that no one's getting dizzy with all of these backflips!