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The Mega Society was founded by Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin in 1982. The 606 Society (6 in 106), founded by Christopher Harding, was incorporated into the new society and those with IQ scores on my Langdon Adult Intelligence Test (LAIT) of 173 or more were also invited to join. (The LAIT qualifying score was subsequently raised to 175; official scoring of the LAIT terminated at the end of 1993, after the test was compromised). A number of different tests were accepted by 606 and during the first few years of Mega’s existence. Later, the LAIT and Dr. Hoeflin’s Mega Test became the sole official entrance tests, by vote of the membership. (The Mega was also compromised, so scores after 1994 are currently not accepted; the Mega cutoff is now 43—but either the LAIT cutoff or the Mega cutoff will need to be changed, as they are not equivalent.) More recently, Dr. Hoeflin’s Titan Test was added to our list of qualifying scores, with the same cutoff and the same date of compromise. As no uncompromised tests that discriminate at the Mega level are available currently, we will need to revisit the question of admission standards soon.

Mega publishes this irregularly-timed journal. I am pleased to note that the overall quality of the material submitted by members and nonmember contributors to the journal recently is quite high. If my efforts have helped to present this material in an attractive package I am pleased, but most of the credit belongs to the writers. I hope that we’ll be able to put past issues of Noesis and its predecessor, the Megarian, onto the Web. Is anyone interested in working on this project?

We have also experimented with communication via the Internet. See the announcement of our new e-mail list in my Editorial.

For more background on Mega, please refer to Darryl Miyaguchi’s “A Short (and Bloody) History of the High-IQ Societies,”
my Mega Society page,
and Steve Schuessler’s Mega Society page,
(None of these sites are official.)



Noesis, the journal of the Mega Society, #149, September 2000.

Noesis is the journal of the Mega Society, an organization whose members are selected by means of high-range intelligence tests. Jeff Ward, 13155 Wimberly Square #284, San Diego, CA 92128, is Administrator of the Mega Society. Inquiries regarding membership should be directed to him or e-mailed to <megainfo@polymath-systems.com>.

Dues for members of the Mega Society and subscriptions to Noesis for non-members are two U.S. dollars per issue. One free issue for each issue containing your work. Your expiration issue number appears on your mailing label. Remittance and correspondence regarding dues and subscriptions should be sent to the Publisher, not to the Editor.

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