[The following comment by Dr. Hoeflin responds to Gary Sockut's letter in this issue.]

Editor's comment: Since the members have excluded my tests as admissions tests for the Mega Society, I do not know whether we have any admissions tests in place at the present time or in the foreseeable future, so I have not responded to this correspondent.

Editor's note: I have heard from an editor at the Sterling Publishing Company here in Manhattan that his company would like to publish a 96-page book of difficult intelligence tests. The size of the book would be about 8½ inches by 11 inches. Answers would not be published and test designers would be entitled to charge a scoring fee from those submitting answers to them. If this book actually goes into print, there is a 50-50 chance that I will start a new mega-level group called the Omega Society plus a new four-sigma-level group called the Epimetheus Society so that those scoring high enough on any of my tests could be afforded an opportunity to join a high-IQ society at their level of ability. In my opinion the Mega Society is moribund so long as it has no admissions tests in place. I do not personally believe it is feasible for us to crank out good admissions tests once every year or two as if we had the money and manpower as the College Entrance Examination Board or similar organizations. I have proposed ideas for retailing our previous tests by, for example, requiring those who seek admission to sign a notary public affidavit attesting to the fact that they have not cheated on the admissions test, or requiring a lie detector test to that effect by those seeking admission, but these suggestions have not gained support. So we are in roughly in the same position as a chicken with its head cut off whose legs keep running in the nightmarish illusion that they can continue to thrive without an intact head.