Mega Society Ballot Facsimile
Mailed with Noesis ##152-154, July 2001

Please vote either "yes" or "no" on the following proposal, presented in Noesis #151:

Leighton M. Anderson, Esq. is appointed counsel for the Society, for the purpose of issueing the attached Cease-and-Desist Letter, and if necessary, for pursuing other legal remedies to protect the name of the Mega Society and its journal Noesis, as recommended in the attached letter from Mr. Anderson. The fees for Mr. Anderson's services will be paid by the Publisher, aided by other members' voluntary contributions.

[    ]  Yes           [    ]  No

For the complete text of the Cease-and-Desist Letter, click or see Noesis #151. Mail your completed ballot to Jeff Ward, 13155 Wimberly Square #284, San Diego, CA 92128. Sign the envelope containing your ballot across the flap. The deadline for ballots to be received is August 15.