RE: [mega] some corrections

Gina LoSasso


From: "Chris" <>
Mailing-List: list; contact
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 14:26:31 -0400
Subject: RE: [mega] some corrections

The following public service announcement is brought to you by Dr. Gina
LoSasso, Membership Officer of Mega Society East.

A couple of corrections to some recent posts:

MegaList is now the Official Discussion List of the Mega Society East. All
qualified Mega-level individuals are invited to join Mega List by sending a
blank email to:

We hope some of you will join us! Please note that by joining us, you may
still freely participate in any other mega-level society :)

Subscription to Noesis-E is made available to members and subscribers to the
Global UltraHIQ Community or any of its forums, such as Ultranet or Mega
Society East. There is a *suggested* donation, but one may subscribe by
simply electing to "defer".

For more info, please visit:

All donations go directly to support the Mega Foundation's programs and
projects. Not only do we (Chris and I) not receive any compensation for the
enormous amount of time we dedicate to these projects, but we contribute
much of our own money toward the expenses and supplies that it takes to run
such an organization. We thank all individuals who have kindly supported
the efforts of the many people involved in our organization, but at the same
time, we welcome everyone into our community regardless of their ability or
desire to contribute, just as we have welcomed Kevin.

Since Kevin has brought this up, I will point out that Kevin is subscribed
to three of our forums (he does not qualify for either Ultranet or MegaList,
or he would be welcome there as well) and receives the password to access
the Mega Society East website and Noesis-E although he has never elected to
make a donation of any kind! It is not our desire to divide, rather we are
doing our best to make our community one where individuals from all HIQ
organizations may come together to meet friends and enjoy the content we
provide on our 500+ page web-complex at:

To receive updates (2-4 per month) on content being added to the UltraHIQ
site, send a blank email to:

Best wishes,


Dr. Gina Lynne LoSasso
Clinical Neuropsychologist