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The Journal of the
Mega Society

Number 153
July 2001


Editor, this issue   Kevin Langdon   P.O. Box 795, Berkeley, CA  94701 kevin.langdon
Editor   Ronald K. Hoeflin   P.O. Box 539, New York, NY  10101
Publisher   Chris Cole P.O. Box 10119, Newport Beach, CA   92658 chris@questrel.com
Administrator   Jeff Ward 13155 Wimberly Square #284, San Diego, CA  92128 megadmin

Special Issue: Kevin Langdon Replies to
Chris Langan and Gina LoSasso

Table of Contents

1   2 Brand X Kevin Langdon


  7 What You Mean, "We"? Kevin Langdon
3 10 Re: fire Muscle and Fitness Article
(message to the Prometheus Society's fire list)
Kevin Langdon
4   9 By Way of Demystification Kevin Langdon
5   6 Reply to Gina LoSasso Kevin Langdon
6   1 Sound Familiar?

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