Candidates for Mega Society Office Sought

Editor's note: The Mega Society's constitution, which was published in issue 146 of Noesis, dated November 1999, states in Article IV, Section 1, that "An election for officers for the next calendar year shall be held each year, with a call for candidates in the September issue of Noesis." The four elective offices are described in Article III, Sections 2-5, as follows:

2. The Editor(s) shall prepare Noesis for publication and send the camera-ready copy to the Publisher. If there is more than one Editor, the Publisher shall schedule which issues of Noesis are to be produced by which Editors.

3. The Publisher shall print and mail Noesis to members and subscribers, maintain the mailing list of members and subscribers, and collect subscription fees. The Publisher may waive the dues of members who present a claim of indigence.

4. The Administrator shall receive all applications for membership, evaluating them according to the standards enacted by the membership, and notify the Publisher of the admission of each new member. The Publisher shall send one free issue of Noesis to each new member. The Administrator shall receive ballots in all elections and handle them as specified in Article IV.

5. The Internet officer shall coordinate Mega Society Web pages, electronic mailing lists, and other Internet activity.

Article IV, Section 2 states that "If there is no candidate for a position, the current office holder shall be automatically elected for another year." But I believe that many, perhaps most, of the current officers would like to be relieved of their duties, so any member interested in trying his hand as an officer should not hesitate to nominate himself for an office. Also, so far as I can see, it is permissible to run for and to hold more than one of the four elective offices simultaneously.