Suggested Changes

[Ronald K. Hoeflin]

(1) The Mega Society has been without an admissions test for more than a year, I believe. I suggest that my Titan Test be utilized as an admissions test as a stopgap until and unless some replacement test is found. Those who would like to receive a copy of the Titan Test can write to the current Editor for one. The Mega level cut-off score is 43 right out of 48, which only a handful of people have managed to achieve in the eleven years the test has been available.

(2)The Society's constitution states in Article 1, Section 3 that "The name of the Mega Society's official journal is Noesis." I propose that the journal's name be changed to A Gem. Since this name is "Mega" spelled in reverse, and it simultaneously has an appropriate meaning, it would be a name better suited to the Mega Society than Noesis, which is a somewhat obscure word from phenomenology that has no particular bearing on the nature of this society, which is not a society devoted to phenomenology. For example, "noesis" appears in the Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary but not in the Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary--a testimony to the word's obscurity. In The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy under "noesis" it says simply "See Husserl," and under "Husserl" the relevant definition reads (p. 348): "The noema is the object as described phenomenologically, the noesis is the corresponding mental activity, also as described by phenomenology."

(3)Article IV, Section 3 of the Society's constitution states that "If a vacancy should occur during the year [in any of the elective offices], a call for candidates shall be published in the next issue of Noesis.... The officers, by majority vote, may appoint a temporary officer to serve until the results of balloting are known." To this I would add: "The office of Editor shall be deemed to be vacant if, for any reason, the person who holds that office fails to produce an issue of the Society's journal for any period exceeding three (3) calendar months, unless the delay is due to the Publisher's failure to send the Editor sufficient funds for an issue for that period of time, in which case the office of Publisher rather than Editor shall be deemed vacant.