Noesis 55 - November 1990


In response to Mr. Langan's remarks on the following pages, which I have read only cursorily so far, I offered to let him edit Noesis for the next six months, after which Ray Wise could edit for six months. Perhaps after that other members would vol­unteer for six-month stints as editor. I see no point in defending myself from Mr. Langan's criticisms since, first of all, I am strongly disinclined to engage in bicker­ing matches, and second, I will be dropping my participation in the group after putting out the next issue. What counts is how the members feel about one another rather than how they feel about me. My remarks in the last issue praised Mr. Langan as "highly reliable" as an editor. My only negative remarks were that he is "less accessible than would be ideal for an editor" due to the lack of a phone number where he can be reached, and that "his issues were too focused on his own personal interests," which was a re­flection of reaction I had received from other members. Whether Mr. Langan's issues interested me or not I regarded and regard as irrelevant, since I have never counted myself as a member of this group, only the founder and observer. Members owe it to Mr. Langan to express their honest opinions about his writings, either pro or con, so that he knows where he stands in your estimations.

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