To the Editor:

I am writing as the Ombudsman of the old Mega society concerning the terms of the proposed merger of the Mega and Noetic Societies. I have had a complaint. First, I agree that the Hoeflin tests are like no "other" intelligence tests. That is because intelligence is an aptitude, but the Hoeflin tests are at least in part achievement tests. There is nothing wrong with that. Disciplined thinking is a desirable achievement and should be most helpful to contributors to the journal, and to readers of it.

On the other hand, I feel it my duty to protect the fights of those who may yet fail to requalify on Hoeflin tests. Therefore I propose the following two points:

1)  That requalificafion tests be administered and scored at no charge.

2)  That failing to requalify never at any time be the subject of publicity without the written consent of the person involved. This includes being dropped from published membership lists. Of course, such lists may be labelled "Members and contributing subscribers."

If these two points are accepted I have no objections to the merger: indeed, I welcome it.

Very truly,

Robert Dick, Ombudsman