The Journal of the Mega Society
Number 65
September/October 1991



Rick Rosner
[Address and telephone number omitted.]


My intention wasn't to tick people off, but was rather to achieve a consensus among Jeff Ward, Chris Cole, Ron Hoeflin and myself concerning the merger of the Mega and the Noetic Societies. From the angry mail contained in this issue, you will see that some of the provisions for a merged society were ill-founded.

I hope a merged society can be resistant to splintering and can attract and maintain an active, enthusiastic membership. With these goals in mind, here's a new set of provisions:

1.  The Mega and Noetic Societies ARE merged. This is the one definite aspect of the current situation.

2.  The new society shall be called the Mega Society. Our journal shall be called Noesis.

3.  All past and current members of either society are welcome as members in the new organization. No requalification required. I apologize profusely.

4.  All future adult candidates will be admitted on the basis of qualifying scores on IQ-type tests taken as adults. Tests which are acceptable for qualification of future members include those by Ron Hoeflin and Kevin Langdon with sufficiently high ceilings. Other tests may be submitted for consideration. (Exactly who would consider them is another open question.) Factors affecting the acceptability of a test would probably include the test's normability and the number of people who have taken the test.

5.  Letters or articles over 2500 words will be split into 2500-word chunks to run in consecutive issues of Noesis. I think it would be helpful to readers if contributors of letters and articles over 1000 words would preface such submissions with one- or two-sentence abstracts.

6.  Statements that I jtidge likely to cause the Mega Society to splinter out of rancor may be edited. (Yes, I am a hypocrite.) [I wrote this weeks ago, and since then I've become less sure that censoring letters in which one member is harsh about another is a good idea. However, I have left out small chunks of two letters. You--members, subscribers, and the writers of those letters--will have to let me know if this is unacceptable.]

Please continue to let me and the rest of the members know what you think. Please also send material on other subjects.

Chris Cole said to remind you how and when to renew subscriptions, but since I've been so unprompt in bringing these issues to you, I'll save that for next issue.