Dear Rick:

The current Mega Society has an elaborate constitution, which I believe calls for the election (or reelection) of officers every year. I wonder if this constitution will remain in effect if the Mega and Noetic Societies amalgamate. I think annual elections tend to take up a lot of space in the journal, lead to factional strife, and ought to be avoided. I think the constitution ought to be eliminated or drastically simplified, with elections, if any, to be held only every few years, not every year.

I also wonder if you and Jeff Ward are in full agreement about the membership status of current Mega members in any future amalgamation of the two societies. I think Jeff probably wants them to remain full members and my tests would be required only for future applicants. I'm certain Kevin Langdon opposes any "demotion" of members once they've been accepted, as current Mega members have been, not to mention his objecting to the sole use of my own tests for future membership admissions. I'm personally not too concerned with whether current Mega members retain full membership status or not in a future society . . . [Ron Hoeflin says some more stuff about Kevin Langdon which I've edited out. In the next issue, Kevin Langdon says some stuff about Ron Hoefliti which I've also edited out.]

So the amalgamation of the Mega and Noetic Societies would be fine with me only if it does not lead to excessive politicization and only if Langdon's efforts to undermine the group from within are obstructed.


Ron Hoeflin


I received issues 62, 63, and 64 of Noesis today. In issue 64, page 3, there is an error in problem 24 of Trial Test 3.

[Details omitted; the error has been corrected in the Web version of Noesis #64.]


Ron Hoeflin

[Sorry. Due to the pubication setup, exponents get lost. Ed.]