Rick Rosner
[Address and phone number omitted.]

I hope you receive this before the new year, and that we start '92 only a month behind in issues of this journal. I took the liberty of playing catch-up by calling the previous issue Sept-Oct. Obviously, the Sept-Oct issue WON'T count as two issues against your subscription. By the way, the number in parentheses to the right of your name on your Noesis address label is the last issue through which your subscription is paid.

Fees remain $10 for six issues (even if it takes seven or eight months to generate those issues), payable to me at the above address.

If I become sufficiently energetic, I will start calling those of you whose phone numbers I have in order to pester you to submit material. Avoid such harassment by sending in some stuff. Postcards work great. If your writing fingers have been broken by the Mob, I'll even transcribe messages off of my answering machine.

Fake ID update: I broke 1,000 fake ID's caught in 1991 shortly after midnight Friday, December 13 (bad omen?). In my ID article, I said I'd like to catch 30 ID's in a single shift at the Sagebrush Cantina, but my highest one-day take was 29. However, I caught 38 in a single night at the Malibu Adobe, a bar and bistro where beautiful Pepperdine students listen to live reggae. The Adobe let me go after only a couple of weeks, probably since I wasn't good for business.

One very young-looking guy came up to me and I made him sign his name. Each time, he misspelled his middle name. He said he couldn't spell 'cause he got hit on the head damaged his brain. My boss & I laughed at him & told him to take off. Forty minutes later, the kid was back with medical documents attesting to his head injury. My boss let him in and bought him a pitcher of beer.

Sami, a reader from Helsinki, reports that Chris Harding is forming a group called the Omega Society, with a minimum score of five standard deviations above the mean (about one in three and a half million). Could Dr. Harding or any other knowledgeable person send some information to be printed in Noesis? Thanks.

Saw Oliver Stone's movie JFK. I'd previously decided that the question of whether or not there was a conspiracy is an undecidable proposition, but seeing the film makes me think that someday there might be a definite answer. Do you have strong stances on the issue? (Do you think the issue is ridiculous?) Have you looked into this or any other possible conspiracies? If so, or if you have an off-the-cuff opinion, send in your thoughts.