The Journal of the Mega Society
Number 141
September 1998

Editor (odd-numbered issues)
Kevin Langdon
P.O. Box 795
Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 524-0345

Editor (even-numbered issues, after #140)
Ronald K. Hoeflin
P.O. Box 539
New York, NY 10101

Chris Cole
P.O. Box 10119
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Special Issue on Psychometric Issues
(Part Two)

Table of Contents

A Letter from Chris Harding, from Noesis #136   2
Excerpt from a Letter from Kevin Langdon (#137)   3
Statistical Technique for Combining IQ Scores (#137) Ronald K. Hoeflin     4
A Letter from Ron Hoeflin   7
Five Letters from Grady Towers 11
Reply to Grady Towers Kevin Langdon   16
A Letter from Chris Harding 18
Excerpt from a Letter from Ron Hoeflin (``ECN'' #139) 19
Chris Langan's Reply to to Ron Hoeflin (``ECN'' #139) 19
Excerpt from ``The Obligatory Point-by-Point
  Rebuttal of Kevin Langdon''
(``ECN'' #139)
Chris Langan 20
Reply to Chris Langan Kevin Langdon   20
A Message from Kevin Langdon to Prometheus'
  ``fire'' E-mail List on Admission Tests

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