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March 2004                 Issue 167








Editor and Publisher:                           Ron Yannone

189 Ash Street #2

Nashua, NH 03060


Administrator:                                     Jeff Ward

13155 Wimberly Square

San Diego, CA 92128


Internet Officer:                                    Kevin Langdon

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no·e·sisGreek Þ understanding – to perceive.  Psychology Þ the cognitive process


The Mega Society was founded in 1982 and has been documented in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS  during the 1980s as the most exclusive society.  Mega means million and denotes the one-in-a-million status of its members.   Presently, the only viable adult-level admissions test is the Titan Test, developed by its founder, Ron Hoeflin – where 43/48 correct answers corresponds to the minimum accepted IQ level of 176.  See

Editorial Introduction to NOESIS Issue #167


Ron Hoeflin recently sent me a box of back-issues of the journal for the Mega Society – in support of being the present editor/publisher for the Mega Society’s journal, Noesis.  It is a humble experience to peruse the early publications.  I was immediately impressed with the “Megarian” series.  The full-page vs. the ½-page editions looked far more “professional” and considerably easier to read – even with typewriter technology.  I desire to adopt the Megarian “style” in the present issue – and likely future issues.  I realize there is a postage penalty that accompanies this style, but I see Noesis as our “calling card” to future contacts outside the “society” and we need a publication that “walks-the-talk” so to speak.  If our “flagship product” can begin to appear as interesting as the IQ and personalities of the members that belong to the Mega Society, then we should have no trouble in attracting potential members.  Let me know your opinion.


The SAT Admissions topic – Recall, in the September 2003 Noesis issue #163, we were introduced to Brian Schwartz (present Treasurer of the Prometheus Society) by way of his letter to Ron Hoeflin seeking admission into the Mega Society by way of his excellent SAT scores at a very young age.  In the October 2003 Noesis issue #164, Mega Society member Chris Cole provided us with a candidate “reply article.”  Most recently, in the November 2003 Noesis issue #165, Ron Hoeflin presented an article on the SAT score distribution data.  In this issue, we have 2 further articles submitted by Chris Cole and Kevin Langdon.  To help the Mega Society present a consolidated decision, we enclose a separate BALLOT sheet and a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope for members to respond.  It would be really interesting to have parents who have gifted, young (12-15 years old) children that score very high on the SAT – to immediately have them take the Stanford-Binet IQ test to begin to provide the “correlation” members feel (or don’t feel) exists between high SAT scores and stellar-high IQ – enough to reach, or exceed, the 176 value desired.


The SIGMA Society SIGMA VI Test for Admission – In the February Noesis issue #166, we presented the SIGMA VI test developed and used by the Brazil-based SIGMA Society.  On the same BALLOT as cited above, we ask members to place-their-vote on the use of the SIGMA VI test.  In light of this topic, Chris Cole submitted an article for the present Noesis issue.  Be sure to read this – contemplate, and submit your BALLOT!


Other articles in this issue include: one article by Chris Cole on his physics series; 2 articles by Kevin Langdon on the Webmaster decision issue and Statement of Candidacy for Internet Officer; and 4 articles by the editor – spanning (a)  “emotional intelligence,” (b) an alternate idea to canvass Mega Society members, (c) a technical paper presented at the “Meeting of Infrared Information Symposia (IRIS) Specialty Group on Sensor and Data Fusion and Processing,” John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD, May 25-27, 1999; and (d) the PowerPoint vugraph presentation scheduled for the Sixth Joint International Military Sensing Symposium (MSS) with special emphasis on Military Sensing in Network Centric Warfare scheduled in Dresden, Germany in October (see


Members encouraged to submit Noesis material – I encourage members of the Mega Society to submit articles on topics that will propel the Noesis journal forward in a healthy light – as “seen” by the world.  Maybe start with articles in the area(s) of your expertise.  “Hot topics” that concern our country and the world around us include (a) war in IRAQ – ways to help the Warfighter, (b) the same-sex marriage issue – a sympathetic approach to addressing/handling the concerns raised, and (c) the hero some of us grew up with in the home – Martha Stewartwith your  considerate deliberation on the issues, concerns, and resolutions you see in her case.


It’s very important that material submitted for the Mega Society Noesis journal be used as desired by the Mega Society – namely – do not submit material that you do not want the “world” to see or know about!  Kevin Langdon has been doing a great job to get new issues into the Mega website.

NOESIS Journal – March 2004 Issue #167










Opposition to Using the SAT as an Admissions Test for the Society

Chris Cole



Comments on the SIGMA VI Test

Chris Cole



Speculations on Physics VI

Chris Cole



Brian Schwartz’ Application for Mega Membership

Kevin Langdon



E-mail on the Mega List at Yahoo!Groups Regarding Brian Schwartz' Application for Admission to the Mega Society




Reply to Ron Hoeflin on Intelligence Scales
and High-IQ-Society Admission Cutoffs

Kevin Langdon



Statement of Candidacy for Internet Officer

Kevin Langdon



Mega Webmaster Legal Issue




Leadership in the Engineering Workplace

Ron Yannone



Another Avenue for Seeking out Prospective Members for the Mega Society

Ron Yannone



Exploring Architectures and Algorithms for the 5 JDL/DFS Levels of Fusion Required for Advanced Fighter Aircraft for the 21st Century

Ron Yannone



Combined Optimization of Aircraft Maneuvers and RF Measurements for Passive Air-Air Ranging

Ron Yannone



BALLOT (copy for your records)

Ron Yannone