The Journal of the Mega Society
Number 138
September 1998


Editor (odd-numbered issues)
Kevin Langdon
P.O. Box 795
Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 524-0345

 Editor (even-numbered issues, after #140)
Ronald K. Hoeflin
P.O. Box 539
New York, NY 10101

Chris Cole
P.O. Box 10119
Newport Beach, CA 92658


Table of Contents

Editorial      2
The Infinite Richness of Mathematics Robert Low   3
An Excerpt from an Exchange between Robert
  Low and Chris Cole on Quantum Physics
Some of My Experiences with Kalman Filters Ronald Yannone   8
The Synoptic Problem Miriam Berg 12
The Too Many Aptitudes Problem Hank Pfeffer 20
Characteristics of Gifted Children Linda K. Silverman 26
Decipherment Ronald K. Hoeflin 27
The Popdown Fallacy Robert Dick 28
Flynn and Sheldrake (letter) Celia Joslyn 29
Reply to Celia Joslyn Kevin Langdon 29
Tuesday Evening IRC Chats 29
The Psychic Challenge: Application for Status of Claimant James Randi 30
Comments on "East Coast Noesis" #138 Kevin Langdon 32
Comments on ``East Coast Noesis'' #139 Kevin Langdon 33
Advanced Development (journal announcement) 36